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>> Company's main strength and mission.
  • To satisfy needs

  • Distribution of high quality and safe health care products.

  • By using up-to-date technology with efficient resource allocation to improve profitability & competitiveness.

  • Encouraging team work and involvement in the decision making process to accomplish an efficient organization with motivated employees and continuous improvement .

  • Maintaining our caring attitude in an environment that values people. We will achieve levels of unequalled excellence.

  • Our success will benefit all the people, our suppliers and our customers.

  • The products, service and our staff all must be of a standard that consistently exceeds customer expectations.

  • Noshan Teb recognizes that overall customer satisfaction is the factor that ensures our continued success.

  • We will continue to work with leading suppliers overseas to ensure that the products they manufacture and we sell meet the exact needs of the national medical community.

  • Noshan Teb has been continuously involved in distributing equipment to meet the market's increasing demands for innovative solutions to clinical challenges.

  • Noshan Teb has actively sought to increase its market by sustained managed growth through the country, to achieve this we have fostered a close relationship with a number of leading suppliers to ensure that products are always in the forefront of the latest appropriate technology. In this way we seek to anticipate the needs and provide equipment and solutions to an ever changing market.

  • As a medical equipment distributor, we understand the needs of today, we will provide you with medical equipment you can rely on.

  • High demand for quality equipment has resulted in the development of our own line of products.

  • Noshan Teb has been periodically enlarged as customers' demand has increased.

  • Noshan Teb has extended its activity to the whole country and wishing to remain close to its customers.

  • As a leading distributor of medical products for realizing respect of life and satisfaction of customers, We, Noshan Teb co. Ltd. have developed medical products sales successfully.

  • For continuous growth, we, Noshan Teb Co., Ltd., will do our best to develop better and more various products sales.

  • We lay particular emphasis on maximizing customer satisfaction.

Webpages text compiled by : Hamid Reza Haghparast, Noshanteb Int.
  Bussiness Administrator & Senior Co- ordinator