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Noshan Teb, a well known, long-established and a growing company with its well-trained managing director, medical doctors, general practitioners, Technicians and knowledgeable experts, fair in its dealings also regular and timely in settling the accounts, participating in any local or international medical exhibitions is already a pioneer in medical community. We have a history of innovation which has been recognized by the medical industry. Noshan Teb with a background in medical supplies has recently been receiving a great deal of attention for its particular emphasis on maximizing customer satisfaction. It provides product customization to local markets including support for different versions of its products in Iran. Constant examination and evaluation of the trends in the fast changing world of medicine makes Noshan Teb well positioned to advise clients on how to best leverage their medical strategy in a addressing their business needs. we can also assist clients in developing implementation timeliness in order to comply with the emerging authentication standards from suppliers.

Therefore we are proud and delighted to be able to introduce Noshan Teb Co. Ltd., which is marketing a wide range of medical products in Iran.

Noshan Teb as a company was founded and officially incorporated in 1993 by its then and current C.E.O. Mr. S. Amini. Initially, Noshan Teb was conceptualized as a distributor of some companies such as Porges S.A. in France, Dispomed in Germany, Unimed S.A. in Switzerland, Phoenix medical limited in England- Amcor Flexible, Sidlaw packing in Spain, Calmed in the USA , Pharma in Sweden and Sewoon in Korea. They have been represented exclusively by us to Iran market. But on Mr. Amini tours around the world in order to look at business models for medical distribution, it stumbled across a number of very different concepts, Mr. Amini has been the group's managing director for the past few years & has led the company through its recent phase of expansion and that's essentially where Noshan Teb was formed. In the first five years we've expanded tremendously which is a fair achievement in just five years.

We have served our clients (both governmental & private healthcare and medical organizations) with top quality medical products, the best possible delivery & after sale services. We also support different medical societies as sponsor for congress and annual magazines and participate in local fairs every year. In the view of the prevailing competitive condition in the market, there are good prospects for the sale of our products.

On account of our prompt and satisfactory service, our clients have grown steadily ever since we established our firm. We can offer you a wider range of medical supplies than any of our competitors. Don't take our word for it though. Come & see for yourself !

The company is built on a very flat management structure. Our staff is one of the friendliest devoted to making business a pleasure. We are 15 people. Each division has its own dedicated staff for public relations, sales, service and customer support. Historically, an important factor in the success of the company has been staff with appropriate technical and application skills and experience in the field and related areas and we consider this trait most important to uphold.

On-going training forms are an inherent part of the company's culture and helps to make. our staff better able to respond to the needs of our customers Our sales staff educates customers to differences and nuances between similar products, and then places them with products that best fits their needs and budgets. Noshan Teb 's unique culture and friendly environment provide our employees with many opportunities to expand their technical and managerial skills, work creatively and innovatively on both an individual and team level, and make a difference in the development of company projects and objectives. Those who posess a commitment to learning and development, have confidence through prior experience, have ability to think independently and perform within a team, have a balanced and mature business approach and have the highest degree of ethics and integrity are cooperating with us at present. We believe that each employee can make a difference, and we are confident that the rich diversity of perspectives and experiences represented in each of our employees will help us rapidly find and develop innovative medicines.

Webpages text compiled by : Hamid Reza Haghparast, Noshanteb Int.
  Bussiness Administrator & Senior Co- ordinator